12 Days ’til Launch!


In just 12 days our team will be on the ground in Turkey. Over the next three months, we will be providing training and support to parents, teachers, siblings and children with autism in the Mersin Syrian refugee community so that they can create a community that accepts and supports their loved ones with autism.

Our past programs showed parents, often for the first time, that their children with autism are capable of learning, overcame widespread misconceptions about autism in the communities we served, and gave families a network of support and evidence-based tools for supporting their children with autism.

We’ve watched children use words to communicate for the first time, seen parental stress levels go down, and have watched parents take their children out in public for the first time after years in isolation. We can’t wait to see the impacts of our Mersin program and hope that you will follow us on this journey.


The most notable aspect of this program is that YOU made it happen. At the end of March, we were confronted with a major challenge. The donor who had pledged to fund this program ran into financial problems and withdrew his support. In less than a month, we had to design and implement a solution that would bring in the minimum $20,000 in funds that we needed to make the program a reality.

We mobilized our volunteers, reached out to friends, supporters and complete strangers, and 28 days later, through online and offline donations, we had the $20,000 we needed to run the program. Donations came in from over 200 people on 6 continents, proving that A Global Voice for Autism’s mission truly is a global effort. From $5-$1,200, every contribution made a difference in making this program possible.

Thank you for your support and for believing in the work we do. Stay tuned as we kick off our newest program site in Mersin, Turkey!

-Melissa Diamond

Founder and Executive of A Global Voice for Autism

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