Achieving Independence

As our training program in Jordan prepares to wind down, we are working to ensure that our teachers and families have the tools to continue to develop the skills they’ve learned and to implement them to support their children. And so, just as we work with our children on developing skills for independent living, we are now working with our parents and teachers on doing the same.

In recent weeks, we have been reducing the number of prompts we provide to parents and teachers in cooperative sessions. Where we once had them walk in and start by watching a demonstration of skills to be practiced throughout the day, we now have them come in and remind them of the session’s goals, and then have them select their materials and start working with their children as our team watches and takes data on progress and parental skills development.

Today, Hamza’s mother showed us how she works with Hamza on using vocal approximations to ask for the things he wants. He has now mastered the pointing we worked on in earlier sessions and uses it regularly to request all sorts of things on a daily basis. Now, she is working with him on using sounds to ask for the things he wants.

Issa’s father has been working with Issa on pointing to request, and today in our session, we saw Issa initiate a point independently for the first time!

We are so impressed by Issa and Hamza’s hard work, but we are also impressed by their parents’ ability to take the skills they learn during training sessions and to apply them with their children outside of the classroom. These days during cooperative sessions, the team offers feedback and teachers switch in and out to practice with the children, but every week the families are becoming more independent in their skills and practice…and that is exactly what we want.


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