Expressive Communication

Today we had a guest lecture on expressive communication by visiting BCBA, Dr. Susan Ainsleigh. Our partners from Rotary visited us from Amman today and we enjoyed giving them some insights into our typical weekly trainings.

After gaining an understanding of the differences between expressive and receptive communication, parents and teachers practiced setting up communication opportunities by modeling these opportunities with one another. We also spoke with them about the importance of identifying what a child is motivated to request in order to increase requesting behavior. For example, if a child just drank juice, it is much more difficult to get him to request water than if he is thirsty and has not had anything to drink recently. We had parents think about reinforcers that can be used for requesting activities [ie. a whole bottle of water is a difficult reinforcer because it’s hard to take it away from the child to get them to ask for more, whereas a water bottle with a small amount of water in it is a better item to use because the child will drink the water and then has to ask for more.]

Can you think of some reinforcers that can be used to work on requesting?





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