New Friends and Social Skills

Our parents and team members agreed that today was the best day of the program so far. At the end of the session, Issa’s father said: “Today was the most useful session for me because I really got an understanding of how to do these things with my son. Last week, I learned some great concepts, but today I really felt that the day was all about my son.”

Why was today special?

Today we held a social skills session for Issa and Hamza. Both boys are working on expressive communication with pointing and vocal approximations as well as engaging in new activities and following directions, so we played games that focused on these skills. Since the boys like the spinning top, we started by having them play with the top with Issa’s dad. When Hamza went to grab the bubbles, we switched to having the boys request bubbles by pointing/saying part of the word for bubbles. Issa is just starting to point with help, but in the past two weeks Hamza has started pointing independently to ask for things he wants.

We then played catch with Hamza’s siblings and Issa’s father and then, seeing how Issa loved to hide in the corner, decided to try a game of hide and seek.

Both boys loved hiding, counting and finding their friends and wanted to continue the game. We played 6 rounds of hide and seek before switching to a jumprope game.

Staff, parents and siblings had a great time acting out animals like snakes and bears and by the end of the session, everyone was laughing and no one could believe a full hour had passed.

Siblings and parents alike were ecstatic to see their children playing together and are looking forward to more social skills sessions next week.




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