Pictures from our Sibling Social Skills Group

On Thursday afternoon, our siblings and children with autism came together for a social skills group with our team and the teachers in our program. We started by sharing about our weeks in a blanket fort, then played catch and practiced passing a ball around the circle as quickly as possible inside our fort. Families then got together to draw pictures of their families, with all family members participating in the completion of the drawing, while teachers came up with games that they could use to help children learn to pay attention and follow directions.

After primary school learning difficulties teacher Abdelhameed led a game of “stand up, sit down” to help kids work on following directions and got feedback from his peers on how he could make the game more engaging for students, first grade teacher Kholoud led a game of “catch” to help kids work on paying attention. Next week, each of the teachers will have 15 minutes to teach a lesson to their “classroom” of students with and without autism so that they can develop their classroom management skills while the kids continue to have fun.

Blanket fort for our sibling social skills group.
Siblings share about their weeks during sibling social skills group.
Families worked together to draw pictures of their families in sibling social skills group.
Kholoud’s game of “catch” to teach children to pay attention.

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