School Visits, Community Responsive Programming and Violent and Self-Injurious Behaviors

This morning, we started our day with a visit to a local kindergarten class. Seeing the teacher in action helped us develop a greater understanding of the techniques used and by teachers and the challenges they may face in integrating children with autism into their classrooms.

Later this afternoon, we had a training for our teachers and families that was hosted virtually by an A Global Voice for Autism BCBA and BCaBA who specialize in addressing violent and self-injurious behaviors. Families enjoyed hearing from some new voices and asked important questions about their children’s own challenging behaviors.

One parent asked about the best way to address his son frequently hitting him, both when he’s happy and when he’s angry. Another parent shared that her son often cries and becomes aggressive when she takes her phone from him and asked what she should do about this. The parents also started offering suggestions to each other like “intercept the hitting and ask him for a high-5.” They offered support to one another and empathized with each other’s experiences.

In addition to our typical session today, we hosted a feedback session for program participants to see how we can adjust the program to better meet their needs. One common theme that emerged was that parents want more community events and spaces where their children can go and play safely as there are few free spaces for their children to play. We brainstormed ideas for community events and are going to start by hosting an inclusive carnival for the community next week.


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