So Many Highlights!

There were so many great moments in this week’s cooperative sessions. Here are some of our favourites:

  • One of the things we worked on with the kids this week was motor imitation. In Amjed’s session, he did few independent imitations with his teacher, Rana G, who reinforced these imitations with lots of hugs and praise. Also, Ali did a great job today imitating simple moves with minimal help from his teacher and his mother.


  • Another thing we worked on was labeling or naming items with Reema and Haya. Both of them did an excellent job trying to produce vocal approximations and sometimes echo the whole word. Also, when using pictures, both of them liked to collect each picture and put them back in the small bag as a reinforcer.


  • Our teachers this week were awesome, as usual. Fouza today was very enthusiastic during the role-play and managed to work on several skills at the same time by interspersing the trials. Rula did a great job catching Haya’s motivation to teach her labeling and imitation.


  • We also need to recognize our amazing parents who have been working with their children at home and sharing stories, videos and pictures for their children with us. Giving more learning opportunities at home helps the children to master the skills they are working on. Therefore, the parents this week were very excited to arrange a play date together to give their children more learning opportunities with other children.
  • The incredible A Global Voice for Autism team members who have been doing a fantastic job this week to manage changes in the schedules and work through extra tasks while having lots of fun with the kids and their families *Virtual high five to all team members!*


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