Wrapping Up The Week

We began this morning with our team meeting, discussing our tasks for the day as well as what was planned for next week. From our previous team discussion, we decided to create our own video examples of the skills we were teaching in sessions. These videos will be embedded into our lessons to support the learning of our training participants.

It was quite interesting watching Sarah and Amal as they acted through the various scenarios. Sarah acted as the learner, and Amal was the teacher. For those of you who don’t know, Sarah’s baseline demeanor is calm and pleasant, making her an ideal flat mate. The behaviors she engaged in during the role plays were quite astonishing all things considered. Seeing how far she could take her tantrums made me appreciate her even more than before. It was funny to notice myself cringe when Amal reinforced Sarah for engaging in her tantrums. Even knowing that they were just role plays, I couldn’t stop my gut reaction.

In response to some of the feedback we’ve been receiving from teachers, we will be adding additional training sessions for our group of teachers in the next few weeks. I will lead these upcoming trainings and will focus on using evidence-based strategies in the classroom. We will go over the implementation of evidence-based strategies to support academic learning as well as using it to manage class-wide behavior.

While the majority of the team stayed home to prep for the coming week, Amal went to the center to provide a make-up training to one of our families.

After a productive day, we were able to enjoy a little time together at home. This weekend, some of us will be parting ways. Amal is happily expecting family to come into town, and Melissa, Sarah, and myself will be going to Cyprus for a weekend getaway.


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