5 Favorite Things About The Mersin Program!

(Believe me, the list can go up to 100!)

#5: The beach!

Mersin is located on the Mediterranean Sea. It is famous for the wonderful beaches during the summer.  Walking on the beach was one of our favorite things to do after spending the day at the center. Our team members enjoy running, listening to music, relaxing and sometimes dancing on the beach.


#4: Team bonding activities

Going out for coffee, baking together, playing cards, learning some self-defense moves, and more! We spent a lot of fun times together as a team. Also, being a diverse team coming from different cultures and backgrounds for the same purpose contributed to creating an energetic team spirit throughout the program.


#3: Cooperative sessions

All of us get so excited on the day where we have our beautiful families with their kids. Those days are always full of surprises. Saying the first word, making the first request, enjoying the bubbles and many other simple joyful moments make those sessions so special.


#2: Parent and sibling support sessions

Our families and siblings enjoy these sessions the most. They enjoy playing fun games, participating in different activities and reflecting on them, and we always appreciate the conversations we have with them afterwards.


#1: The unicorn on my head!

Each of our team members has a unicorn on their heads. We consult this unicorn before taking any actions in our lives. We met our unicorns here in Mersin during the first week of the program. Our unicorns had been so helpful so far!


– Amal

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