A Piece of Heaven

A picnic by the beach, a glaring of cats bumping into us as we were having a walk, a hilarious Truth or Dare round on one of the benches in the yard of our building (which resulted in setting up a paper board for creatively hilarious quotations by the A Global Voice for Autism team in our living room)…this is how we kickstarted our second weekend in Mersin.


On Saturday, we decided to spend the first section of the day at our apartment to clean and get some rest from a very active and emotionally charged week with the families, teachers and children. Later in the day, we went to the downtown of Mersin and walked in its alleys, where we enjoyed looking at local vendors selling traditional products and people having tea at local cafes set on the sidewalks. Then, we tried Turkish handmade vanilla ice cream dipped in chocolate and coconut (yummy! You should try one of those delicious ice creams when you come to Mersin). We ended this outing with feeding pigeons seeds in the court of one of Mersin Marina mosques.


Our last vacation day was one of our wildest days in Mersin. After having a hard time trying to find a hiking trail in the area, we discovered a place called Limonlu, which I can literally describe as a piece of heaven gifted to earth. We surrendered to the bounties of this serene greenery that is surrounded by rocky mountains that have caves carved inside them. We climbed to explore those little caves, and guess what we found? Spiders crawling everywhere inside. After this somewhat scary discovery, we continued our hike on big pipes that pierce though the trees and the crystal spring. All of this climbing, walking on pipes, and jumping from one rock to another, was followed by resting on a small wooden bridge, where we could hear water flowing underneath us and the chants of the birds flying above the high mountains. We really didn’t want to leave this place, but we promised ourselves to come back for camping and doing some night-sky watching.

Even more thrilling weekends are yet to come! Follow our blog to stay updated!


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