Adventures at Irbid Souk

Today the team got up early to work on paperwork while we ate breakfast and drank the very last bit of coffee in the house. Today is a work day so our first order of business was riding the bus to Irbid to visit the Souk and the mall for toys, games, and supplies for the center.

We started at the Souk and went to roughly twenty five different stores and no less than eighty different stands looking for the exact toys we hoped would entice the kids we are working with to learn and play.


Buying rice and beans in Irbid souk for a family support group activity

We bought so many fun toys! I am most excited about the ball tent and plastic balls to play with. We also got craft supplies galore, cars, trucks, dolls, blocks, spinning tops, stickers, alphabet puzzles, alphabet posters and cards, mathematical blocks, and pinwheels.
We think we have something to appeal to all the kids who come to our center but we are always open to suggestions!

Ball tent and some of the other toys purchased for our training center

After the Souk, we went to the mall to look at other toy options and get some food (and coffee!) for the week. It took a little longer to grocery shop than normal because we were getting tired and sore. Shopping all day is hard work!

After we got home, we reviewed our schedule and to-do list for the week. There’s still quite a lot to do, but we are going to try to go to bed early tonight because tomorrow we have our first small cooperative groups and we want to be fresh and ready to discuss ABC data collection as well as pairing with the children.


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