Applying Reinforcement

On Sunday the families and teachers learned about reinforcement and the application of reinforcement. Today we had the families and teachers apply what they learnt and deliver reinforcement to the children when a desired behavior was observed. It was a busy day! We had each family bring their child’s favorite snack to use as a reinforcer. Each parent and teacher was given instructions on the application of reinforcement.

Abdallah, the teacher from the morning cooperative group, showed great support to the families. He gave detailed examples that helped the parents apply ABC data collection. He told Mazen’s mother the best way to remember how the ABC data sheet works is thinking of a child’s behavior as crying at the store, the antecedent is the event that happened before the behavior which is the child walking into the store, and the consequence is the mother buying the toy for her child. Seeing the teacher highly motivated in learning and then teaching the parents is a reinforcer to us.

Mazen showed great play skills with his community buddies today; he took turns in playing bowling with his peers. We asked his sister to reinforce Mazen for every time he played with his peers in an appropriate way. His mother and the teacher were asked to observe Mazen and take ABC data on the behaviors. It was great to see Mazen’s mother happy that her son is interacting and playing with his peer buddies.

Mazen bowling with his peer buddies.


Habib’s sisters also joined us today for the cooperative session where they showed great support to their brother. We asked them to reinforce him every time he would point to the desired object instead of screaming. The teacher did a great job prompting him to use his index finger to point to the desired object.

We also had a visit from a representative at our partner Rotary club who came to show support to our cooperative groups during his visit to the training center today. We look forward to their upcoming visits.



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