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After the short Eid break, we met our families and teachers again today for our training session. We went to the center earlier this morning to have everything ready by the time they arrive. Printing, connecting the projector, turning on the AC… now to start the session!

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Our training session today was about teaching new skills to children with autism. Some concepts on this training were a refresh of previous training sessions, and some concepts were new. To make the new concepts simple and easy to understand, we provided different examples and demonstrations on teaching different skills like brushing teeth and writing numbers in Arabic.

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Our teachers and parents gave great examples too throughout the training. One of the parents gave an example on how she used the ABC strategy to explain to her husband the correct way of dealing with their daughter’s behavior of ripping papers. After analyzing it, she was able to come up with different ways to intervene on this behavior.

We also had an activity to practice writing behavioral goals. A parent shared with us a goal that she will use on the skill of requesting for her son. As a start, the goal was “requesting for food from me 3 times per day across 3 different days”. She added that once he is able to do this, she will gradually advance it by requiring him to make requests from his father and other family members too. To know that the parents and teachers are applying the concepts they learn in our trainings makes us feel so proud.

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During a 10-minute break in the middle of the session, one of our amazing teachers, Nour Al-Huda, distributed some candy to us and to other teachers and parents for Eid. It was like a mini Eid celebration as everyone in the room was sharing Eid greetings with each other.

After the break, we talked about error-less learning and retraining. One of our teachers related to the concept of retraining with an example on how she gradually lost her English speaking skills after not practising it in Turkey.

We concluded with a brief summary about everything we covered in the session.

After coming back to our apartment and having lunch, we were excited to start preparing for tomorrow’s super fun activities in our support sessions with parents and siblings.

Can’t wait to share it with you!

Stay tuned to tomorrow’s blog!

– Amal

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