Birthdays, Beach Walks, Swimming…Weekends in Mersin

Our first weekend in Mersin (our first weekend in Turkey was spent in Istanbul) gave us the time to relax and get ready for the busy week we have ahead.

On Friday, after a full day of training, the team surprised me with a birthday celebration at the mall. We even went “ice” skating on an indoor rink made of plastic and wax. It felt nothing like skating on ice, but was very slippery.


After a quiet, rainy morning on Saturday, we want for a walk along the beach. We went home to get some work done and then returned to the beach for sunset, where we met some nice Turkish people who pulled out Google Translate to have a conversation with us. It seems that our late night Turkish studies (We’ve mastered “How are you?”, “I miss you”, and “I love you” among other phrases) are starting to pay off.


On Sunday, we returned to the beach to swim in the sea with our local partner’s children and then spent the evening at home translating, practicing and preparing for the week. We had a packed night before the week even started, but are sure that it will all pay off this week.

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