Blogging is Difficult

We had an early start this morning as we had a packed schedule for the day ahead. Leaving our apartment coincided with a cleaner mopping the stairwells of the building. She was using so much water that we had to duck under waterfalls cascading between flights of stairs; The floor was very slippery and it’s a wonder that we only had one person fall over (for people reading this who know how clumsy I am- yes, it was me, Sarah).


At the centre we were running our training session on “Why does my child do that?” This session was one of our more technical presentations and we looked at how we define behaviour, what the common functions (or reasons) of behaviour are, and strategies that we can use to teach appropriate alternative to challenging behaviour. We discussed the importance of changing things in the environment to teach appropriate skills and behaviour, rather than simply labelling a child as “badly behaved” and blaming the child for his/her behaviour.

We used examples to illustrate our points and it was great to see parents reassured when we mentioned something that their child does too- one parent spoke to us about the possible reasons for her son throwing all of the crockery out of the kitchen cupboards, and another spoke about the possibly reasons that her daughter takes her clothes off in public places.


We ran the same session in the afternoon for teachers and parents who were not able to attend the morning slot. Presenters and translators were all feeling very tired by the end of the day and we had a very relaxed evening back at the apartment.


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