Bombs, Bugs and a Busy Day

Last night our sleep was fitful as the bombings over the border were fierce. Our house shook and the horizon was orange and red with fire. Our hearts break for the people affected or displaced by the violence in Syria.

Bombs as seen from our rooftop last night at 2 in the morning.

Our teammate Dana found that a new housemate had moved in overnight. A large cockroach had taken up residence in our bathroom and had to be politely escorted out. No more housemates!

Today was a full, full day. We did intakes for four new families and saw another family for additional intake activities. It is so great to see how more families are coming to our program as the community gets to know us and learns about our mission.

During one intake today, a mother told us that she hopes that everyone in her community will remember that, “All children can learn and heal and grow. Nothing is permanent.” We love hearing the wisdom of the mothers we work with. I’m sure we will learn so much from them this summer.

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