Catch Up And Reflection Day In Mersin

Today we had a quiet but productive day organising ourselves, reflecting on everything that we’ve done so far and making plans for the rest of the programme. We started the day by giving the apartment a thorough clean whilst singing along to some of our favourite music. We then spent some time going through the planned schedule of the weeks that we have left, making some alterations to some of the training presentations as well as continuing to translate them. We’re now past the halfway point of the programme and it’s great to see how much of a difference we’re making for the families and parents that we’re working with.

We went for a walk in our local area in the afternoon; the atmosphere in Mersin is very festive at the moment and there are many people sitting and swimming at the beach with their families. It’s also very hot and it was relieving whenever we stepped into a shop with air conditioning! In the evening we experimented with the television in our apartment (which until this point we have barely acknowledged was there). We watched The Chronicles of Narnia which was nostalgic for me as the Narnia books (that the film was based on) were among my favourites as a child. A film full of magic left us feeling creative and anticipating what could happen in the next six weeks of the programme.

– Sarah

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