Cooperative Groups Day 1-Pairing, Pairing, Pairing

With all the sleepless nights from the bombings across the border, the team still managed to get to the training center for an early start, excited to begin the cooperative groups with the families and teachers. Today the families and teachers were asked to play with the children and to make the session all about having a great time. Moussa walked in this morning wishing he would still be in bed instead, but shortly after, he joined his parents to play with a spinning top and a Mr. Potato Head toy. The families and teachers did a great job collecting some data and pairing with the children. Seeing the families and teachers work together to help the children motivated us and showed us the importance of having the cooperative group.

Another child in Moussa’s group exploring the ball tent during the session

Our second group was highly motivated; the teachers had the children engage in several activities. I thought it was great seeing Issa’s father guiding the teacher to some of Issa’s favorite toys. Issa’s father was proud of his son for interacting with the teachers in the group; he kept expressing how Issa wouldn’t play with others and specially someone he just met for the first time. Tala enjoyed dancing with a peer from the community; she did a great job learning some new dance moves. For our last group session Melissa invited some children from the community, it was great having the child interact and play with Hassan.

Issa blowing bubbles and playing with blocks with the teachers in his cooperative group.

Families and teachers were asked to analyze the behavior by writing down the behavior each child exhibit, the antecedent (what happens before the behavior), and the consequence (what happens after the behavior). Families and teachers took turn in pairing with the chid while the other would collect data.

Seeing everyone smiling and having a good time playing with the children today was my positive reinforcement. Having the families and teachers understand and be able to collect data is also rewarding because this shows that they were attentive during our session on Sunday.

We are all excited for our second cooperative session tomorrow! Hopefully the little ones won’t be sleepy.


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