Every Day Brings New Surprises

Early this morning, Sarah and Kitti left to Adana’s airport (Sarah is coming back soon, don’t worry!). It was a pleasure meeting Kitti. We wish she had the chance to join us for the rest of the program.

Today we had our third and fourth groups for their cooperative sessions. Our morning session was with Ali and Reema. We divided up the session to have each teacher practice working with a child on our targeted skill, which was making requests and asking for items. At the beginning of the session, Reema was interested in playing with the Legos, and sometimes with the Playdoh. Reema was trying to request these items verbally and by pointing to them. She was doing an amazing job trying. Her mother and her teacher were also doing great with following up on her requests. Ali was interested in Playdoh, and later in bubbles. He clearly requested for Playdoh verbally few times today. His mother was so excited and was happy to see his efforts. In the middle of the session, Ali was distracted by the noise and the presence of other toys. In order to address this, we continued Reema’s session with her mother and one of the teachers in separate room. We ended both sessions on a successful request.


Our afternoon session was with Hani, who we were very excited to have since it was his first cooperative session in the program. Hani was very enthusiastic during the session and had all of us smiling and clapping for him most of the time. He was interested in playing with the cars, the owl toy and the ball. Towards the end, he showed interest in writing using a pen and a paper. Hani started by using one word to request an item. We gradually added more words throughout the session. The prompts were faded quickly as he gradually started to request independently. Today, he used a 4-word sentence to ask for the pen. He said “Give me a pen I want to write!” (It is actually a 4-word sentence in Arabic). The teachers had so much fun playing with him, and his mother was watching him proudly. At the end of the session, we gave Ali a break to play with the cars.

The cooperative sessions are my favorite! Our kids are always full of surprises!


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