First Day in Mersin

image.jpegOur team kickstarted its first day in Mersin with an orientation session, where each member of the team briefly introduced themselves and got to know each other better.

Next, with our lovely Syrian volunteers, Samer and Naji, we paid a visit to  the center where we are going to conduct our meetings with Syrian children with autism, their parents, teachers and siblings as well as our public awareness lectures that target the public in Mersin. The directors of the center were very collaborative and they offered to show us around the center and the adjacent school to see how we can make the utmost use of the rooms to serve the goals of our training and activities. The center is well-equipped and has many facilities like a medical center, classrooms, lecture halls, and projectors that constitute a perfect space for carrying out our program.

After this energetic step and warm reception from our partner organization, we headed to the Mediterranean Sea and the old city of Mersin to do some sightseeing and explore its cultural and social aspects. As a treat for this busy day, we had Turkish tea at one of the traditional cafes in the streets of Mersin.
We went to our beautiful apartment in the afternoon to rest and have a healthy and delicious lunch that was prepared by our amazing Syrian cook, who fascinated us with her generosity as the amount of food cooked would serve 10 people and as the variety of choices was overwhelming.

We ended this awesome day with another orientation session to deepen our knowledge of each other and to warm up for our team training in the next five days. We poured our hearts during this session, shared personal stories, and had much fun and laughter.

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