Flying! Flying! Flying!

This weekend we took a trip to Kyrenia in Northern Cyprus. We arrived on Friday evening and were very excited to find that our hotel had air conditioning, a luxury that we haven’t had in Mersin. We had a delicious meal at a restaurant next door to our hotel and made plans for the weekend before heading to bed.


After breakfast the next morning, we asked about the best way to walk into the centre of Kyrenia and were told “the best way is to take a taxi”. Undeterred, we set off walking with the help of map apps on our phones and some vague directions. It was a pleasant walk of several miles before we got to the main area in Kyrenia. We wandered around exploring the centre of the town and the harbour, and also visited the castle. It was a maze of stone passages and tiny rooms as well as a small museum with a shipwreck dating back 2300 years.

In the afternoon we headed over to one of the local beaches to swim. We also tried parasailing (being thrown off the back of a boat into the air attached to a parachute), which was surprisingly relaxing. In the evening we had the best local recommendations as we went out for dinner with a friend of Melissa’s who lived nearby.


On Sunday we travelled back to Mersin and got the local bus back to our apartment, where we spent the evening relaxing and preparing for the week ahead.


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