Happy Birthday to Somali Community BCBA, Laura!

Today, we are taking a break from our Mersin program coverage because…it’s our Somali Community BCBA Laura’s birthday!

Laura’s passion and commitment to the community she serves is evident in everything she does. She is constantly encouraging the families while challenging them to reach their potential. Thanks to Laura’s dedicated teaching, here are just a few changes our Somali families have seen so far:

-“I learned to ignore his attention seeking behavior and now I have seen those challenging behaviors decrease.”-Mother of Abdi*, age 5

-“I’ve learned to reinforce my child and to be persistent when I am trying to teach him something new.”-Mother of Mohammad*, age 7

-“I used to always carry my child around, but now I’ve learned to put him down and not to let him cling to me. I stopped giving him attention for jumping on the couch and now he doesn’t do it anymore.”-Mother of Ashkir*, age 5

And if that’s not enough evidence of Laura’s impact on the community, try this: She’ll be celebrating her birthday by leading a Jeopardy game for our families tonight.

Have a great day, Laura!


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