Hide and Seek and Seeking Support Priorities

Another day full of intakes. The team saw five children for assessments today! We are having so much fun during play assessments that it hardly feels like we are working. Our wonderful center is large enough to accommodate several families at a time. At one point, there was a big game of hide-n-seek happening with team members, children, and parents involved.

After work today we came home to eat a quick dinner of vegetable rice and to work some more on preparations for our first cooperative training for parents and teachers tomorrow morning. We reviewed our “What is Autism?” Training and made sure it was up to date and relevant for both parents and teachers in our audience tomorrow.

After work, we were invited to visit a community member’s house to meet the family and have some juice and coffee. We were treated to some delicious strawberry juice and a breathtaking view. The family lives on a hill at the edge of town and they can see both Syria and Jordan in the distance. As the sun set, you could see that the left half of the sky (Jordan) was lit up and twinkling with electric lights while the right side of the horizon (Syria) was completely dark. The lights and villages that used to be there are gone.

Now we are back at the team house and headed to sleep.

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