Iron Chef: A Global Voice for Autism Edition

This weekend, we decided to spend our time doing team bonding activities. On Friday, Qiess taught us some Capoeira moves, which is a Brazilian martial art that combines music, dance, and acrobatics. We moved our bodies to the beats of Capoeira music as well as shook off the exhaustion of an intense and hectic week.

On Saturday, Sarah kick-started her day with the intense exercise of running up and down the stairs of our 8-storey building. Then, she followed this with a set of push ups and crunches on the rooftop of the building, the breeziest spot in the area with a panoramic view of Mersin. In the afternoon, Melissa suggested making A Global Voice for Autism version of Iron Chef by asking each team member to cook their favorite dish or a dish they are really good at. After making a big mess in the kitchen, burning dough, and piling heaps of dirty dishes, we came up with a selection of chocolate crepes, vanilla ice cream topped with red cherries, and labneh and mint bites. Sarah and Qiess were the judges. Sarah said that all our dishes were very nice and delicious, while Qiess enjoyed being the mean judge and pointing out every flaw in our dishes, from dough texture, to the degree of sweetness. We wrapped up the day with a card game called spoons.

Sunday wasn’t less exciting than the previous days. Our self-defense teacher, Qiess, decided that we need to learn some punching, kicking and boxing move that can help us defeat the evil in the world. After several trials of punching, where I punched my own face and other objects in the living room, I was eventually able to punch Qiess in the face the correct way. Melissa and Amal mastered the punch move in no time. Now, we our team is ready to go in the streets and have a street-fight.
We concluded the week with preparing for our next training, which is a review of the previous trainings in the form of a Jeopardy game. Follow us to learn more about our activities and the work we do!


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