It’s Wednesday Already!

With such a busy week, we barely realized that our first week is almost over. It’s been a successful week overall. We had great results at yesterday’s community lecture and parent intakes. Through pre and post tests, we saw that 100% of community lecture attendees learned something they did not know about autism before the lecture. Two of the most common learning points were that parents don’t cause their children to have autism and that all children with autism can learn to communicate. It makes us happy to see the community show interest in the cause. Their interest was evident when attendees’ neighbors and relatives showed up for intakes today!

Our second day of teacher and parent intakes went quite well. We had teachers come down from Irbid and neighboring villages all eager to participate in the training.

The team gathered at the training center to prepare and brainstorm ways to make the intakes more efficient. We started interviewing teachers. Some of the teachers have great insights on autism and are keen on learning more about it to better help the students and community. It’s always wonderful to meet teachers who are passionate about learning and enhancing their knowledge. Some teachers did not know a lot about autism but are looking forward to acquiring knowledge to better assist the students and the community. One common interest between all the teachers we met today is to have the community accept autism, rather than see it as something to be ashamed of. As a team this is the message we aim to deliver to the teachers and the community here in Northern Jordan.

It was a long day and none of us felt like cooking today. I stumbled upon a local bakery near our training center that had some fresh and delicious pastries. This bakery will be a lifesaver in the future, as we will have busier schedules.



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