Looking Back on the Past 2.5 Years

Tonight, we welcomed Kitti, one of our Board Members and the former Lead BCBA and Training Coordinator from our Jenin program site, to Mersin. Kitti was with us when our first A Global Voice for Autism program site launched in 2014, and looking back, it’s hard to believe how far things have come. Today, in honor of Kitti’s arrival, take a look at some of the memories from our Jenin program site. You can watch this video of reflections from our first families, and look back on our Jenin blog at: www.thejeninautismproject.wordpress.com. Enjoy!

(Clearing up myths about autism on Radio Jenin in January, 2014)

(Crafts, games and discussions helped siblings in our Jenin program gain a better understanding of their brothers and sisters with autism while learning strategies for improving their relationships)

(Parents in Jenin learn about evidence-based practices for supporting their children with autism and engage in hands-on activities to improve their understanding)

Check back soon for more updates from Mersin!


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