Meet the team: Kitti Robinson

Hi! My name is Kitti Robinson.  I live in Virginia and have been practicing as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst for 4 and a half years, and have been working with people on the autism spectrum for close to ten. I serve on the board of A Global Voice for Autism, and participated as the Training Coordinator on our flagship program in Jenin, West Bank/Palestine back in January 2014.

I will be acting as a consultant for the program in Mersin, Turkey, primarily remotely but will be spending a week on the ground in Mersin with our team as well.

In my free time I am currently working on my doctoral dissertation at West Virginia University. I enjoy spending time with my husband, family, friends and dogs, but most of all my biggest passion is traveling the world, seeing other perspectives and cultures, and helping those who do not have access to the same quality of services or training that we have in the US.

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