Progress Report from Mersin!

With the wrap-up of the in-person portion of our Mersin training program just around the corner, we want to take a moment to recognize the outstanding progress of a few of the children in our program. Over the past two and a half months, we’ve seen breakthroughs for every child, parent and teacher in our Mersin program. We know that we will continue to have more moments to celebrate in the coming months as the families move in to the online follow-up portion of the program.

Here are some highlights from a few of our determined learners!

Haya, age 7


Known For: Being the most organized member of the A Global Voice for Autism community. If there’s a mess in sight, we can always count on Haya to clean it up!

Progress Highlights: When Haya first joined us she was primarily communicating by guiding her mother to the things she wanted. Now, Haya is using vocal approximations of one to two words to ask for the things she wants! Haya also has out-of-this-world receptive language skills. She can imitate almost any gross motor skills and quickly learns to label new objects independently. At the beginning of the program, Haya’s mother never felt comfortable taking her on community outings. After some hard work from both Haya and her mother, Haya’s mother sometimes feels comfortable taking her out into the community!

Ali, age 6.5


Known For: Being the best English speaker out of all of the parents, children and siblings at our Mersin program site. Ali teaches himself English on Youtube!

Progress Highlights: At the beginning of the program, we couldn’t get Ali out of his mother’s lap to play with another parent or teacher. Now, Ali happily joins his teachers and the other parents in the program to learn new skills, get tickled, play games and blow bubbles. Ali has also learned to interact with his peers in play, which his mother said he never did prior to the program. Ali has made so much progress in this area that he is even going to have a playdate with Reema in the coming weeks!

Amjed, age 2


Known For: Melting our hearts with his contagious smiles and enthusiastic hugs.

Progress Highlights: For the first time in his life, Amjed is pointing to ask for what he wants instead of crying or dragging his mother to it. At the beginning of the program he was not making sounds, and he’s even started making some vocal approximations!



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