Review, Practice, Repeat

The theme of today’s activities has been “review, practice and repeat”.

The team has been hard at work reviewing our trainings and modifying them to better fit the needs of the local population. All our trainings are also being reviewed by the international team to ensure that they reflect the most current research in the fast-paced field of ABA. We have been practicing our presentations to ensure that they are clear, concise and attainable for the families we are serving.

(The team reviewing and preparing intake forms and the “What is Autism?” training for our intakes and community lecture tomorrow.)

In addition, our Arabic speakers are practicing interpreting our trainings to make them as clear and easy to understand as possible. We have also had to repeat several things today when meeting with our team psychologist and introducing ourselves to her. Most notably, our team member, Dana, got to say, “My name is Dana!” over and over while the internet connection played tricks on us all. The activity in Syria has made our internet connection quite weak and repetition has become our standard practice. The team is brainstorming ways to work around our internet connectivity issues. We are all excited to provide our first community training tomorrow.

(Smoke from explosions in Syria that can be seen in Irbid)

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