Scorpions, Figs and Autism…Oh My!

We had a big day today full of excitement and surprises. Upon arriving to the center bright and early this morning, we had two surprises waiting for us. The first – was a large, black scorpion in the hallway.

A scorpion applied for admission to our program today. Unfortunately, we had to inform him that we are not accepting applications from scorpions at this time.

We politely told him we were not accepting teacher applications from scorpions at this time. Just kidding, we removed him quickly! No scorpions are allowed in the center- ever!

The second surprise was much nicer. Essam brought us a large box of figs and we all ate our weight in tasty figs while we had our morning meetings.

Figs from the trees in our village. Did you know that there’s a dead wasp inside every fig?

Later, We did intake interviews with some excellent teachers. During one intake, a teacher told us that she wanted to participate in our program and help her community understand that, “Autism is not a disease and is nothing to be ashamed of. These children are smart and creative and have lots to offer their communities.” We couldn’t agree more.

We finished the day with a traditional Jordanian lunch of stuffed grape leaves and now we are all headed back to the house to work on individual projects. Happy weekend everyone!

Grape leaves and zucchini stuffed with rice (known here as Dawali and Mahshi) at a local family’s home.


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