Starting The Weekend With Some Kunefe

Today we had a make-up training session for some of our teachers who could not attend the session on Monday. The session was in the late afternoon, which gave us some time in the morning to work on planning, preparing and translating other trainings.

Sarah did an excellent job prioritizing the information and tailoring it to the teachers who specifically work in the school setting. The teachers also came up with great examples on how to apply the strategies in the school setting. One example a teacher gave was on how she uses the different types of prompts to teach students how write the Arabic alphabet, and how she sometimes combines two types of prompts and gradually fades these in later lessons. Different demonstrations were given throughout the presentation about specific concepts like forward chaining and backward chaining to make it easier for the teachers to grasp it.


At the end of the session, we gave the teachers a small homework. We asked them, using the strategies we covered, to write some goals they would want their students to achieve. Also, we asked each of them to write a task analysis for a complex classroom skill. We will be reviewing and giving feedback on this homework during the next week.

After leaving the center, we decided to stop by a café near our apartment to continue our work there while having some coffee and Kunefe.


Now I need to finalize the blog and finish my coffee to go back to our apartment ASAP because Sarah, sitting next to me, is taking a nap now in a very uncomfortable position! (Sorry Sarah!)

So, have a great weekend everyone!


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