The Surprises (and an Extreme Heat Wave) Continue

The theme of unpredictability in Mersin continued into this weekend. The team was expecting my arrival on Saturday but I showed up on Friday evening instead. After pulling some strings and arranging for transportation, the team was nice enough to come and greet me at the airport personally. After our car ride from Adana, we took time to briefly acquaint ourselves with one another.


My arrival on Friday turned out to be fortune in disguise as it cleared our entire Saturday. We began the day by reviewing the program and the successes we’ve made thus far, as well as what our plans are for the coming weeks. Afterwards, we decided to make a second batch of home-made Playdoh. We found the smell of the jarred beets to be a bit overwhelming. After a little problem solving from Melissa and Hana, we used a scented water to make the Playdoh a bit more pleasant to play with. We ended the day by walking across the boardwalk and enjoying a cup of tea together.


Sunday the team was kind enough to show me around the city center of Mersin. I was amazed and dizzied by the multitude of different shops on each block. Pastry shops, street food carts, clothing stores, and some jack of all trades vendors – everything you could want was found there. After our tour we returned home and enjoyed a meal together. We wrapped up the day by reviewing the upcoming weeks lesson and activities.


After getting to know the amazing members of our team, I’m looking forward to the week ahead. Tomorrow we will be going over receptive communication with the parents and teachers and breaking it down further throughout the week.


Monday evening, Sarah will be returning from her brief trip to the UK. We’re excited to have her return and have our fabulous five for the next few weeks!


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