Today we cried…tears of happiness

Our team is always thrilled for cooperative sessions because it is so rewarding to see the fruits of our work when a child says their first word, or learns how to point to things instead of crying and screaming! Today, we had two cooperative sessions that took place between 11:00am and 3:00pm and aimed to put into practice what the parents and teachers learned in Monday’s training about expressive communication and teaching children how to make basic requests about what they want and need.

The first cooperative session had the lovely 2-year-old kids, Amjed and Rajeh, who are both non-verbal. Blowing bubbles was the ultimate euphoria for Amjed, so his mum started teaching him how to point at things using bubbles as a motivator. Besides watching Amjed throwing loud giggles after each time his mum blew bubbles, Amjed learned to independently request his favorite pretzels, water, and other toys in the room. “He is progressing really fast! I am so eager to invest more time in helping him learn other new skills at home before next week’s cooperative session.” Amjed’s mother commented with joy. Similar to Amjed’s mother, Rajeh’s father was really impressed by his child’s ability to appropriately ask for water and wait for his mother to give the bottle to him instead of forcefully grabbing it from his mother’s hand. He also asked our BCBA, Sarah, to recommend some articles and videos about approved methods of helping children with autism learn and interact with their environment.  


The second session was really intense as our team witnessed the tears of joy in Haya’s mother and aunt eyes. Haya’s greatest motivator was also bubbles…and it turned into her first word! Her mum was watching with disbelief as Haya pointed at and said the names of the items she wanted like bubbles, a ball, and play dough. Moreover, the teachers in the group did an excellent job limiting Haya’s access to her preferred items in order to create  many opportunities for her to make requests. Another marvelous thing was noticing that teachers are getting more comfortable handling with children with autism and more understanding of their behavior.

We have more cooperative sessions tomorrow, then next week’s cooperative sessions will be about receptive communication! We are as thrilled as you are to watch more magic happen!


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