Warning: Heart-Warming Photos and Success Stories Here…

This week has passed in a flurry of activity and we have had fabulous successes with our cooperative groups again. Following our training this week we worked on some new skills as well as continuing to build on progress from previous sessions.

  • With Amjed we continued to work on receptive understanding in the form of identifying common objects and it’s brilliant to see him becoming more independent with these. We also started working on basic motor imitation, which is important for play skills. Some of the feedback we gave included ensuring that he is attending to the teacher prior to giving an instruction or modelling something for him to copy. Following on from last week Amjed is now reliably making a vocalisation with his gestured requests, and some of these vocalisations are starting to sound more like the name of the item that he is requesting. This is fantastic progress and it was so great to see!


  • Haya was able to copy gross motor actions such as waving her arms, raising her legs and jumping. She found it harder to copy fine motor actions (such as moving just one finger) and copying an action with an object. It was great to reflect on how far she has come since our first sessions with her. She is able to tolerate following instructions from her mother and teachers much more now and this means that they can provide many more opportunities for learning.
  • Reema’s brother came to the cooperative session this week and he was excited to see what his sister has been learning and how his mother and teachers are working with her. We challenged the group to lead their own session and they did a super job of coaching each other and discussing teaching strategies together.


  • A particular priority for Hani’s mother is that he speaks more quietly; often when he makes a request he shouts this very loudly. We focussed on providing reinforcement (he was particularly motivated by the bubbles and a ball) only when he made a request at a conversational volume and he was able to start doing this very quickly when his mother was consistent with her responses.


After another great week we had so many photos to choose between, we hope you enjoys the ones we’ve chosen to share!


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