Welcome to Jordan!

The global team from Canada, the USA and Algeria has finally arrived in Jordan. We’ve unpacked and are very excited to start this journey.

After a great traditional Syrian breakfast made with homegrown vegetables and fruits at a local family’s house, we had an orientation session where we got to know each other through some fun activities. One of the things that impressed me the most was learning about our local coordinator, Essam’s artistic talents.

(Traditional Syrian breakfast with a local family)

We shared stories about ourselves and our experiences in this field. It was a wonderful start and I already feel connected to the team. We are all here for the same reason–trying to help children with autism and their families get the support they need to participate in their community.

(Getting to know each other through an image description activity designed by local children)

The community where we are staying in northern Jordan is beautiful and friendly. Even people who don’t know us invite us to their homes for cups of tea or coffee. I am amazed by the generosity and hospitality and feel lucky to be here.



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