What Do Butterflies, Bees and Roses Have To Do With Autism?

Today, as our last activity before Eid break, we gathered some of the families and teachers in our program for a jeopardy review session. We divided the groups into teams and had them choose team names. Apparently everyone was in a gardening mood today because they named themselves The Butterflies, The Bees and The Roses. IMG_2012

The competition was intense and the teams had were neck and neck as they sought to win a gift from my trip to Romania next week.


As they huddled together to answer the Final Jeopardy question, we could hear them contemplating whether or not they won.

With 445 points, The Roses were the winners! Fortunately, everyone was a good sport and to celebrate their great teamwork and support of one another, everyone who came today will be getting a gift from Romania next week.



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