What is an Alternative to Food Coloring?

Today, Melissa, Hana and I spent our time working at home. Also, it is important to mention that today was ‘waterfall day’, where the building’s cleaner mops the stairs and uses SO MUCH water. The last time we had the ‘waterfall day’ Sarah fell when we were on our way to the center. Melissa and I were super careful and used the elevator to avoid falling, but the water was EVERYWHERE up to the front gate of the building.

Translating, preparing and designing; each of us worked on different things today. Hana finalized the press release with Melissa and continued translating our training sessions’ presentations. We decided few days ago to make home-made Playdoh to use in the program with our kids. So, Melissa and I took a quick trip to the grocery to buy the ingredients (Don’t worry, we survived going out of the building without falling into the waterfalls!). We did not find any food coloring products for the Playdoh in both groceries next to our building. So, Melissa googled ‘alternatives for food coloring’ and found that canned beet can be useful. We will try it tomorrow and share the results with you soon!

Earlier this morning, one of our amazing parents in our training, Lama, sent a picture of her daughter, Reema, holding colors on our WhatsApp group. We were thrilled knowing that Reema is now requesting to color using the word ‘coloring’ (in Arabic). We were also so happy seeing other teachers and parents on the group sharing supportive comments for Lama and her daughter Reema. The parents and teachers we have in our training always make us proud!

Our fifth team member, Qiess, will arrive to Adana tonight. We are so excited to have Qiess joining us to support families and children with autism in our program.


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