What More Could We Ask For?

Today we had our first cooperative sessions after Eid break. We woke up early to start planning and preparing the toys and the materials we need. Sarah did an amazing job this morning adding her own touch on the shakers, which we previously made using water bottles and pasta, by adding some colorful decoration papers inside the bottles to make it more fun for the children.

In our morning session we had so much fun with our little man, Amjed. We worked with him on identifying some clothes items and table utensils, and on practicing imitation skills, while also focusing on his requesting skills. He was very motivated to play with a balloon we filled with pasta. He liked shaking it and roaming around the room with a big smile on his cute face! He learned to identify t-shirt, shorts and socks very quickly. He was also able to identify a spoon, a fork and a plate with minimal help. By the end of the session, he was very motivated to play with the bubbles. Therefore, we decided to teach him to make some vocalization along with pointing to the item to request for it. After few tries, he was reliably making a sound every time he requested the bubbles. His mother, the teacher, and of course us, were so proud of what Amjed achieved today!


Between the two sessions we had our lunch in the center and continued to prepare for our session with Haya. We planned to work with Haya today on expressive communication, requesting specifically, and some receptive communication skills like identifying body parts and identifying table utensils. At the beginning, she was motivated by the Playdoh, the ball and the board marker. She was able to identify body parts independently without prompting. She was also identifying table utensils with less prompting than previously. Towards the middle of the session, Haya was gradually losing interest in everything we had in the room. We decided to try something new, and the language building cards that Qiess made were a brilliant idea. She was independently identifying some types of food and clothes with minimal prompting, and with a lot of adorable laughs each time after getting the correct card! She absolutely loved them! What reinforced her behavior every time she identified the correct card was that she got to take the card and put it back inside the bag. It was a very successful session for Haya.

We couldn’t stop smiling when we came back to our apartment after this amazing day!

Watching the kids’ progress has been one of our best reinforcers!


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