Wrapping Up The Week

On Friday my morning started with a run along the seafront. The beach is near to our apartment and there’s a path that runs alongside it past little local cafes with mismatched garden furniture. It’s very hot even at 7.30am and there’s a relaxed atmosphere with people walking their dogs.

Fortunately, we realised that everyone was caught up on our training for the week (on functions of behaviour), so we didn’t need to run this training session again. We went into the centre anyway and did some preparation work editing and translating presentations that we’ll be using next week. I also tried to remove a bit more of the playdough that one of the children had attempted to post into the air conditioning unit yesterday- luckily it still seems to be working!


Ramadan starts on Monday and we revised our weekly schedule to account for the commitments of our families and teachers during this time. The centre is open for a reduced number of hours each day during Ramadan so we had to move things around to ensure that we still have time for all of our trainings and groups.

We also met with one more family who were interested in joining our programme on Friday. Their son had a lot of skills and did not have autism, but he had not been attending school due to having a speech impairment. The family are not the right match for our programme but we are going to see if there’s anything else we can do to help assess his needs find an appropriate education placement.

The day ended along the seafront as well; we took our dinner to have a picnic by the beach. There were many families doing the same thing and it was great to see Syrian and Turkish children sharing a game of basketball even though they could not speak the same language. An example of tolerance and inclusion from children even when this is sometimes lacking in adults.


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