Sibling Support and Self-Development

Too often, the needs of siblings are overlooked in the process of supporting families of autistic children. We recognize that healthy sibling relationships can be integral sources of support in  families of autistic children. Our sibling support and self-development program offers a fun, safe and supportive environment where siblings of autistic children come together to discuss common experiences, learn strategies for interacting with their siblings, build self-confidence, and gain an understanding of the special role that they can play in their siblings’ lives.

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Quotes from Sibling Support Group Participant

-Rajeh, 14

“I learned that it is important for for autistic kids to have the opportunity to interact with other kids and to participate in activities. They should not be ignored at home. It is the whole family’s responsibility to interact with an autistic family member and to include him in activities.”

“I learned that my brother Mo’awiyah and others with autism are very clever, and once they get help they can be a part of the community and make a big difference.”

“I recommend this program to other people because it is very useful and helps siblings to remain positive and to speak and interact with their autistic siblings.”

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